Barbara von Freytag

About me

I discovered craniosacral therapy after the birth of my son. I had prepared for a water birth, but the baby arrived by a cesarean section. The next day, a young man came to treat my newborn. He used the lightest touch, gently floating over the tiny body, his hands gliding more than touching. Lying beside my son, I felt drawn into a deep wave of flow and relaxation. Still intimately connected to the child, I joined his journey, feeling held and floating at the same time.

This encounter started my long journey into the mystery of the craniosacral wave. Following some initial training sessions, I had the good fortune to be led onto the path of Visionary Craniosacral Work®, a respected international programme taught by the Milne Institute. This practice interweaves the different treatment facets of the craniosacral system – mechanical, energetic, biodynamic and visionary – tuning it into a perfect balance. As a certified Practioner of Visionary Craniosacral Work, I feel I have come ‘home’.

Finding ‚home’ has been precious for me, as I have been on a long expatriate journey. From mixed German-Finnish background, I have lived in England, Austria, France, Russia, the Czech Republic, and more recently Belgium. I have worked as a journalist, analyst and expert on Russia, always with a focus on civic activism and civil society. The belief in the personal empowerment of every individual drives my life, tying everything together with a fine thread.

And as I covered distance, the search for depth became an intense longing. In all our wanderings, it’s our inner journey which makes us what we are. But we need to be connected to our roots to spread our wings fully. The intrinsic value of cranial work is that it is about connecting – to our inner flow, to our heart, to our essence. I love Visionary Craniosacral Work because it blends together technical and intuitive skills to connect to the deeper rhythms of the body, mind and spirit of a person. I continue to be amazed how the gentlest touch can lead to profound release, decompression and self-healing.

Stillness, empathy and respect are at the core of my work.

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