“The refined work which Barbara offers gave me a deep integration of what needed some kind support in me. The process she facilitates with body, mind and spirit is of impressive quality. I am very grateful for her gifts offered to me and to clients I refer to her.”
Ria Verlinden,

„When Barbara begins our session and gently hold my ankles, I feel like floating deep down, to the bottom of the sea. Slowly, everything hovering in my heart begins to rise to the surface. My mind clears – I am coming home.“
Carola von Bismarck,

“Barbara has been a precious colleague in craniosacral bodywork for many years. In her presence, I feel seen and accepted, with all my challenges. Her deep empathy and infinite respect of the resonance in body and mind have enabled me to experience ever new impulses of healing and advance on my deeper personal journey.”
Anja Kayser,

“I deeply appreciate receiving treatments from Barbara. Being trained in craniosacral biodynamics myself and sharing this gentle yet profound approach, I feel supported by the atmosphere of stillness and empathy she creates. Barbara is a master in combining technical skills with a deep and gentle intuitiveness. I am grateful for her way of working, releasing tensions in the body, relieving physical pain, soothing the nervous system and opening a way to deep relaxation. A sense of ease. A feeling of letting go. Getting in touch with emotions. Connecting with a sense of spirit. Deepening self- and body- awareness.”
Olena Nesporova, Makrame Studio

“I put myself in Barbara’s hands to see whether craniosacral treatments could be a good complement for my clients as a nutritionist. The word I would use to describe how I felt after my first session is « lighter », which is a very good beginning for anyone wanting to work on the body level. The second session was « profound », it felt very healing and peaceful. I know it opens possibilities for a very deep emotional work. I feel that Barbara is a very mature and integrated therapist whom one can trust.”
Teresa Fernandez-Gil,

“The craniosacral treatments with Barbara in my burn-out were very soothing. They increased my inner peace and put a smile on my lips. The feelings differed from one session to another. Once I felt like a king from ancient times, another time I felt absolutely free. Craniosacral therapy has helped me realize that I can do with my life what I want. I also benefited greatly from talking to Barbara. She is an exceptional listener with unusually high empathy for patients suffering from burn-out. Talking to such a wise person who genuinely listens has given me a deep feeling of relief and very useful advice for my future journey.”

I highly recommend to try a treatment by Barbara. She is kind and caring, and her ability to integrate compassion and healing power do wonders for relaxation and balancing your physical and mental system.”

“I came to Barbara in the process of recovering from burnout. I felt that cranio-sacral therapy could help me address the tension and stress I felt in my body and to re-connect with myself on a deeper level. Barbara’s approach is very gentle and compassionate. She is a very dedicated, attentive and insightful therapist. Sessions with her feel like a journey. Each time, it is a different experience and it stays with me. I vividly remember the feeling of being softly cradled like a little child in one of the sessions. As the days passed, I I became surprisingly serene as my body kept letting go of old tensions.”